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Neuilly sur Seine (92)

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Restaurant Neuilly sur Seine Bel Canto Neuilly
Restaurant Neuilly sur Seine Bel Canto Neuilly

Restaurant Neuilly sur Seine Bel Canto Neuilly

Bel Canto is one good example of a theme restaurant that works perfectly. Great music and excellent cuisine are together in perfect harmony here… Music, epic flavours, gourmet adagios, the Latin charm is truly working.
There is no need to leave Paris if you want to find the best of Italy… You are only a few steps away from the best of the opera world. The waiters are tenors or sopranos and they will let you hear the best of their talent during dinner. They are listening to your needs, at your service, and they are not only serving food here but also the best of their exceptional voice! Emotion and proximity are what await you in these enchanting settings, simple and elegant. Everything is here, nothing is lacking, theatre costumes, plants, spectacular paintings, warm and friendly colours. A magnificent roofed terrace also awaits you and completes the picture.
In the kitchen, the show goes on… Daring and unexpected compositions, dishes that are colourful and full of flavours, lyric names for dreamlike flavours. From fish to meat, the flavours are sparkling and the taste buds delighted. Lightness is a key word for those dishes allying quality of the products and talent of an inspired and devoted Chef.
For those who love shows, the opera, the theatre, among friends or with your loved one, the Bel Canto is no doubt a place for you! Here is a world where the show is on your plate and before your eyes, a show for all your senses, from taste to sound, through your eyes that will most certainly be amazed. ideal gourmet loved it, so come discover this ideal menu as soon as possible…
A festive night, happy, a night to remember for everyone, of all ages and under all circumstances…

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet