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Restaurant Paris Artishow
Restaurant Paris Artishow

Restaurant Paris Artishow

Paris is the capital of dancing until dawn and cabaret, as everybody knows! In the 11th arrondissement, L’Artishow is no exception to the rule. A ladleful of entertainment, a tablespoon of festive ambiance and a few grams of extravaganza mixed with a pinch of originality and a good dose of artistic and culinary talent – that is the recipe for this quick-change cabaret. In a contemporary, original and low-lit setting, guests can start the evening by feasting on the cuisine of the venue. Here, tribute is paid to all of the traditional dishes which have earned France its culinary reputation. From the earth or from the sea, they are worked with the greatest of skill, to the delight of the diners' waiting taste buds. Then, it is time for the curtain to rise and the show to begin. On the menu are all the traditional Parisian cabaret acts. The guests will get to know the biggest stars: from Brigitte Bardot to Michael Jackson via Mylène Farmer, Sheila, Céline Dion, Christophe Willem and Diams’. However, L’Artishow also has its fair share of originality and acts not yet known in France. Out of the ordinary duos, furious choreography interpreted by les Boys, but also adaptations of shows from Asia – there is something for all tastes! The acts and tableaux come one after the other, creating a wild, frenzied atmosphere. At the end of the evening, when the curtain falls, the artistes stay in their stage costumes to get to know their guests – and to get some feedback. Whether you bring the family, business colleagues or friends, you will have an exceptional evening… With our Idéal Gourmet menu, L’Artishow offers a simply unforgettable evening's entertainment.

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