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Restaurant Paris Le Sâotico
Restaurant Paris Le Sâotico

Restaurant Paris Le Sâotico

At the heart of Paris, some minutes away from Bourse and Opéra Comiique, gourmets like to meet at a very friendly place : Le Saotico.
This brasserie offers an elegant décor dominated by red, white and black and the ambiance here is jazzy, blues and rock’n roll. On the first floor, two dining rooms can be privatized for your events, the promise of a unique night. Tables are refined, details well thought through, service impeccable… This unique moment can be shared with friends, family, for a business luncheon or a romantic dinner.
According to the season, the Chef composes very personalized cuisine from the market. He mixes flavours from here and know how from elsewhere for original results. Delicate scents are dazzling for all senses, each bite explodes in your mouth, all is really amazingly simple though. The moment here is divine. With the ideal gourmet menu, Le Saotico is a first rate tasting at a very nice price.

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet