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Restaurant Caen L'Insolite
Restaurant Caen L'Insolite

Restaurant Caen L'Insolite

L'insolite is a place, a spirit, an atmosphere and an idea: fish is going to be the star of this restaurant. The result is surprising and original, as the name of the restaurant itself shows!
Located in the heart of Caen in the very popular Vaugueux neighbourhood dating back to the 16th century, l'Insolite is a restaurant with a well developed personality and you will not stay indifferent to it. The décor first of all will surprise you, there is no doubt about that, it resembles nothing you have seen before. Pretty pictures of marine landscapes, decoration items from all times and all types of style, colours by the dozen in a subdued atmosphere, details that do make a difference, they will arouse your curiosity and surprise you.
And another surprise, which is not really one if you consider the geographical location of our restaurant: fish is here prepared in all its forms. The products are of quality and of exceptional freshness. The Chef is really fond of his roots when it comes to cuisine, he knows how to transform any product of the sea into absolute delight. The cuisine is not too traditional, not too innovative, and it makes unanimity in numerous cuisine guides. Products of the earth and the sea are here mixed with style.
So let yourself be tempted by a well deserved stop at L'Insolite that will welcome you in warm settings and please you with light cuisine full of flavours. ideal gourmet really wanted to offer you a menu selected from the heart of the restaurant menu!

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