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Restaurant Paris Chez Françoise Découverte
Restaurant Paris Chez Françoise Découverte

Restaurant Paris Chez Françoise Découverte

There is no need to underline the excellent reputation of « Chez Françoise ».
But who could imagine, when walking near the Invalides, in the heart of a city full of architectural treasures-the Alexandre III bridge for instance, one of the only preserved treasures of the Belle Epoque that was kept after the Exposition Universelle-that here hides this little restaurant, where Members of Parliament and of the Foreign affairs office like to come for the traditional cuisine, and also for the hidden and discreet aspects of the house. Only the chosen have access…
In fact you will find everything you are looking for here, the happy newcomers will no doubt be surprised and delighted to have dared entering!
The welcome and service are very good, the cuisine is refined, the décor is a blend of today and yesterday, always on the move. The space will no doubt surprise you, the winter garden sets the tone whereas the terrace is truly enchanting during the summer months.
« Chez Françoise », is a well kept secret, an island of peace and above all a team who knows how to listen to its customers. The master word here is to offer warm and attentionate service, so that a one-time customer will become a regular and an ambassador!
Ideal gourmet could not leave this French MP dining room unnoticed, and offers a discovery menu, orchestrated with talent and a love of detail by the Chef, to everyone’s delight. Let’s go!

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet