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Saint-Felix-Lauragais, Haute-Garonne (31)

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Tel : 00 33 (0)1 45 72 07 14

Restaurant Saint-Felix-Lauragais Auberge du Poids Public
Restaurant Saint-Felix-Lauragais Auberge du Poids Public

Restaurant Saint-Felix-Lauragais Auberge du Poids Public

At the heart of the Haute-Garonne region, Saint Félix Lauragais is the village that is home to l’Auberge du Poids Public*. This house is one of regional tradition, located in authentic settings with lake, mountain and country side offering a unique atmosphere. This is used to be the place where goods were weighed publicly, and l’Auberge du Poids Public* has truly kept the charm of its history alive… The restaurant is renovated of course but it has kept stone walls, visible beams and for all connoisseurs’ greatest pleasure it has kept a collection of old items, the scales being one of them. In this warm and friendly place, guests will be seated around one of the nicely set tables. When the summer time arrives, the terrace will be open, offering a delicious view overlooking the surrounding country side. The salon can be privatized for seminars. For a family dinner or a business meal, you will find your place at l’Auberge du Poids Public*. Welcome and service are personalized and guests will feel just like at home! The Chef started his career here, then went on a gourmet Tour de France and finally came back to his roots to work his art. The house where he took his first hesitant steps as a gourmet artist is now a cosy home for this meticulous Chef. He offers a cuisine of regional tradition for all taste buds’ greatest pleasure, and his inventive touch is distinctive. Between products of the region and new flavours, the Chef creates, invents, offers and pleases guests… With the ideal gourmet tasting menu, he offers a farandole of flavours and scents.

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet