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Bourges, Cher (18)

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Tel : 00 33 (0)1 45 72 07 14

Restaurant Bourges Le Jardin Gourmand
Restaurant Bourges Le Jardin Gourmand

Restaurant Bourges Le Jardin Gourmand

The city of Bourges has got its charming streets, its nice historic monuments to make your stay in the region a success. But its gourmet cuisine is also an asset, and this address, Le Jardin Gourmand, is really proof of that.
A bit away from the busy centre of town, a beautiful traditional house is home to this elegant restaurant. The décor is very convincing: high ceilings, light wood, a cascade of curtains, nice round tables that are set in the prettiest of ways, this is a bourgeois and refined interior that will be perfect for your gourmet discovery. Not too much, but you are guaranteed an elegance that is timeless, and impeccable service.
Same program for the cuisine here, it is traditional but never out of fashion. Products from the region play an important part, with bourgeois preparations offered by the Chef. He loves a beautiful product, and therefore lets the market rule the choice of dishes on the menu, he offers a lively and fresh cuisine, always with a smile and with a lot of passion. It’s really perfect, and so is the price, which is always a nice surprise.
Le Jardin Gourmand welcomes you with a smile, for a very nice moment of sharing, gourmet cuisine is queen here. In a very delicate bourgeois setting, you will enjoy a moment of traditional gourmet cuisine. Ideal gourmet turns you into a favourite guest here, with its all inclusive menu following the seasons: you will taste, enjoy, rediscover the pleasures of French Grande Cuisine.

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet