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Article 1 : Terms of sale application and opposability

Terms of sale application and opposability The customer is always informed of the present terms of sale when ordering. This means that by ordering, the customer fully and completely agrees with the terms of sale. Other documents issued by ideal gourmet (ads or catalogues) do not apply and have only an indicative value. Any other condition presented by the customer cannot be binding for ideal gourmet – except when expressly agreed - whatever the moment of its presentation. The fact that ideal gourmet does not claim one or more of these conditions at a given moment does not mean that ideal gourmet gives up on these same conditions. ideal gourmet can claim these conditions at any point in the future.

Article 2 : Orders

The information given by the customer upon ordering is binding: if there is a misspelling in the Beneficiary’s address or in the address for the addressee of the Voucher, ideal gourmet cannot be held responsible for not being able to send the Invitation or Voucher to the right person or the right address.
Orders are considered firm only upon confirmation by payment of the amount due and after that amount has been cashed by ideal gourmet. Any firm order implies the customer's free and automatic registration to the ideal gourmet club.
After the Invitation or Voucher has been sent to the customer, no cancellation can be accepted, the amount paid cannot be reimbursed.
Any change of restaurant or price range requested by the Beneficiary or the Customer will cost 10 euros (administrative charge).
ideal gourmet offers are subject to availability of tables at the chosen restaurant and reserved dates for the partner restaurant in question excluded (Valentine's day, Mother's Day, New Year's Eve...).
If a member restaurant is not available anymore, it is automatically removed from the catalogue of online restaurants.
If there is a major problem with the restaurant chosen by the customer, ideal gourmet will contact the customer. They will choose another restaurant together, presenting similar characteristics to the one ordered by the customer in the first place.

Article 3 : Sending the Invitation / Voucher

The Invitation is sent to metropolitan France within 72 hours of receiving payment for the order, by ordinary mail.
The voucher is sent by e-mail or fax, immediately upon reception of payment for the order.
If the Invitation is sent late, it will not give right to damages for the customer.
However, if the Invitation has not been sent 5 days after the reception of payment for the order, for any reason except a case of absolute necessity, the sale can be cancelled and the customer can be reimbursed for the whole amount, excluding all other compensation or damages.
Cases of absolute necessity, lifting ideal gourmet’s obligation to send are: war, riots, fire, strikes, accidents, natural disasters.
ideal gourmet will keep the customer informed in due time of cases or events such as those listed above.
In any case, sending the Invitation or Voucher within the time limit is only possible if the client is up to date on his obligations towards ideal gourmet.

Article 4 : Complaints

Complaints with regard to the actual service must be sent within 48 hours of the visit to the restaurant. These detailed complaints must be written and transmitted by fax, e-mail or ordinary mail.
Complaints will always be given favourable consideration; the sender is believed to be acting in good faith.
If the Beneficiary or addressee of the Voucher is very unsatisfied (written complaint to the ideal gourmet customer service), and after a thorough study of the case by ideal gourmet, a new Invitation can be sent to the Beneficiary or a new voucher, as compensation.

Article 5 : Time limit for consumption and signing of the Invitation / Voucher

The invitation is valid for one year. After that date, the Invitation is invalid. The Invitation must by signed by the Beneficiary and handed over to the restaurant upon the day of the visit. The time limit for using the Voucher is closely linked to the reservation, and the Voucher is only valid on the date written upon it. ideal gourmet reminds customers that according to article L. 121-20-4-2° of the French Consumer's law, the right to withdrawal does not apply to hotel, transport and restaurant services on a given date or during a given period of time. Should the restaurant be full or closed on the date chosen for the reservation, ideal gourmet will offer to make a new reservation within six months following the original reservation.

Article 6 : Untimely closing down of the restaurant

If the restaurant closes, in case of absolute necessity, in case of compulsory liquidation of the restaurant, ideal gourmet will do all that is within its powers to retrieve the money paid to the restaurant and suggest a similar or better service to the Client / Beneficiary. However, if the money paid cannot be retrieved, the Client / Beneficiary will receive no compensation.

Article 7 : Price

The services ordered are sold to the price as it was on the date of the order.
The amount due will be paid entirely upon ordering.
If no informal agreement or arbitration can be reached, the Courts of Paris are competent.

IDEAL Meetings & Events specific cancellation and reporting conditions

1 / Total cancellation and postponing:

In the event of total cancellation of an event that has been confirmed by the Customer, the following costs will be applied by IME as part of its intermediation:
10% excluding tax of the total amount including tax of the confirmed event with a minimum of € 150 excluding tax.

2 / Partial cancellation:

In the event of partial cancellation of an already confirmed event, IME reserves the right to invoice the following costs to the Client:
10% before tax of the amount including tax of the canceled share (corresponding to the difference between the amount of the validated quote and the invoice or final account rendering).

Negotiation of supplier cancellation conditions

If the Customer requests IME to negotiate on its behalf the cancellation costs of the supplier (s), the following costs will be invoiced by IME:
50% HT of the amount HT saved by the Customer on the supplier's cancellation costs.

Details on the scope of force majeure

In the event that an event confirmed by the Client could not take place on the scheduled dates, the force majeure criteria defined by article 1218 of the Civil Code being characterized at the time of the event and obliging the Client and / or the Supplier to cancel it, IME will however apply the costs related to its cancellation conditions as part of its intermediation.

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