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Vic-sur-Cère, Cantal (15)

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Restaurant Vic-sur-Cère Hostellerie Saint Clément
Restaurant Vic-sur-Cère Hostellerie Saint Clément

Restaurant Vic-sur-Cère Hostellerie Saint Clément

1000 meters above sea level, the establishment dominates intact and wild nature and is in harmony with these beautiful surroundings. L’Hostellerie Saint Clément invites you in to share a philosophy, a way to see life around a good meal.

The building is rectangular, and you can see it from quite far. On top of the mountain, it offers a dazzling view over the surrounding landscape. A privilege you can enjoy from the large dining room, decorated with care and in sober tones. The décor is sober, because what the owners want is for each guest to forget where he is coming from and get to the heart of nature, through a meal that will dazzle both eyes and taste buds.

On your plate, you will enjoy a know how that is passed on from generation to generation. Respect of products, inspiration from the region, those are the ingredients of this cuisine where tradition and creativity are closely linked. Dishes are generous and well presented, flavours are gourmet and authentic, the technique here is perfectly mastered.

So open up your lungs and your eyes and enjoy the great assets of Hostellerie Saint Clément, the wild and beautiful surroundings… This nature is what inspired the whole place, the sober and humble décor but also the cuisine that gets its unique taste from the unique location. Far away from trouble and from urban activity, from life at 100 mph, come get new energy with this ideal gourmet menu that will take you on a journey of discovery, the discovery of a cuisine in harmony with nature.

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet