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Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin (67)

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Restaurant Strasbourg La Maison Kammerzell
Restaurant Strasbourg La Maison Kammerzell

Restaurant Strasbourg La Maison Kammerzell

Alsace is really gourmet country and we find one establishment here that really reflects that, Maison Kammerzell. This is a symbol in Strasbourg, it first opened in 1427 and it is still here to please demanding taste buds. Tourists who are looking for authenticity come here, regulars who love beautiful things come back again and again, they truly enjoy a stop in these unique settings that really represent Strasbourg. The façade is typical for the region, with its woodwork and frescoes made in 1904, and Maison Kammerzell is on the list of historic monuments. When guests enter this exceptional place, they discover four different rooms. On the ground floor, the Léo Schnugs room, taking its name from the allegoric frescoes created on vaulted ceilings by the artist who also incidentally painted at the Haut Koenigsbourg château. We find several paintings here, La Nef des fous, one of a prisoner’s last meal, and they really make Maison Kammerzell interiors one of the nicest among the winstubs in town. When you go on to the first floor you will see the dining room Côté Cathédrale, where country style scenes, window panes and wood paintings create a warm atmosphere. And just beside that the vaulted Alcove, decorated with paintings too, the Salon Evêque or the Vigneron one, where windows let in a subdued and relaxing light. Warm atmosphere for a unique and unforgettable moment, you can enjoy a banquet, a business meal, a dinner with friends here. The Chef offers traditional cuisine from the region but he will gladly add some modern touches here and there, for guests’ greatest pleasure. With the ideal gourmet menu the Chef reinvents, innovates and charms taste buds with what Alsace does best!

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet