Crazy Horse + Fouquet's

Crazy Horse + Fouquet's

Ideal Gourmet Exclusive
"All Inclusive" menus from 205 €

Tel : 01 45 72 22 40
  • Crazy Horse + Fouquet’s (before or after the show)
  • Distance Crazy Horse – Fouquet’s: 10min by foot
  • During the show : 2 drinks or ½ a bouteille of champagne per person
  • Seats: sides of the room or mezzanine (Gold Category)
Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques
Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques

Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques
Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques
The Legend…
While the most beautiful avenue of the world is slowly turning into a show room of globalization with international signs here and hamburger restaurants there, a big ship keeps its course, and sails through the years, with losing its power of attraction or its panache!
Today, the place is home to Parisian high society and show business.
In the kitchens of this noble institution, we find Jean-Yves Leuranguer, elected « meilleur ouvrier de France ». He composes a gourmet cuisine, inventive and refined.
In his « historical ideal gourmet menu », he has chosen to include the specialties that made and still make this place famous, and keeps its cinema-world accents. And just to make sure you keep an unforgettable memory of the place, the Chef will sign his menu for you and will give it to you along with the “historical Fouquet’s book”.
With the Crazy Horse, it is a piece of legend that ideal gourmet is bringing you…
A legend that was created in 1951 by Alain Bernardin who was dreaming of a temple dedicated to the art of nude. He has won his bet, his sense of show has grown stronger along with his experiences of visual and audiovisual techniques of his time. What he offers you today is an exceptional show in fourteen tableaux, where the woman represents modern beauty.
The legendary show room of the Crazy Horse offers exceptional settings for all your events, with a surprising intimacy despite a very large room, 265 seats plus the bar. You will be able to watch the show enjoying two drinks, or half a bottle of champagne, offered by The Crazy Horse!
In this show, nude is rich and grand like true art…
The Crazy Horse really has a place in the show world, and the memory it will leave you with is exceptional!

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