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Restaurant Champigny sur Marne La Guinguette du Martin Pecheur
Restaurant Champigny sur Marne La Guinguette du Martin Pecheur

Restaurant Champigny sur Marne La Guinguette du Martin Pecheur

« Quand on s'promène au bord de l'eau,
Comm' tout est beau...
Quel renouveau ...
Paris au loin nous semble une prison
On a le cœur plein de chansons…»
A famous French song, composed by Julien Duvivier for Jean Gabin in one of his movies… A huge success for the movie, with a song describing the sweetness of life by the riverside, with Paris seen as a prison far away….
You will no doubt be surprised by the amount of young people coming here to look for authenticity, the charms and simplicity of an atmosphere everyone thought was gone! So take the little bridge and enter this wonderful guinguette, typical little French riverside restaurant! You will be comfortably seated underneath flowers in the shade and when the night falls, the little lamps will guide you. Just looking at the décor, you will discover what you thought belonged to longgone times…
Musicians, accordeon players full of talent will be with you through your meal, and you will enjoy all the rhythms of French traditional music. As the night goes on, it will be time for dancing… waltses and tangos, in front of children who will no doubt enjoy the freedom they have in this restaurant.
We owe all this to Jean-Yves, who created the place and now owns it; he knows how to make tradition live merrily on. The cuisine is rather simple, country-inspired, adapted to this place where everything is combined for you to have a marvellous time, by the river, surrounded by birdsong. Bravo to Jean-Yves and long live families and children, who can enjoy an atmosphere like it must have been when TV did not exist…

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