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Malicorne sur Sarthe, Sarthe (72)

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Restaurant Malicorne sur Sarthe La Petite Auberge (72)
Restaurant Malicorne sur Sarthe La Petite Auberge (72)

Restaurant Malicorne sur Sarthe La Petite Auberge (72)

Located in a former bourgeois house of Malicorne, on the banks of the Sarthe River, La Petite Auberge invites you to go beyond its pink marble terrace, into the restaurant where you can escape reality just a bit, for a gourmet break.
The dining room is very intimate, ideal for a little romantic break a deux. This delicious restaurant is surrounded by the Sarthe River, and it can offer a friendly dining room or a very refreshing terrace with a view overlooking the river when the weather allows. Loïc knows exactly how to welcome you and his service is according to all rules! There are many surprises in store for you here, like the daring mix of colourful walls and a fireplace dating back to the 13th century that you will be delighted to find on a cold winter’s day. The place in itself is a bit daring, very open to what is different as well, just like the owners in fact!
On the menu you will find dishes that are full of different flavours, where extremely fresh fish is one of the specialties. Dominique Bourneuf’s compositions are both simple and innovative; they are an ode to the gourmet traditions of this very rich region. One piece of advice: prepare your taste buds for this feast of flavours awaiting them! And because a dish does not taste the same without the right wine, La Petite Auberge has a large selection of Loire wines to offer.
So imagine yourself in a luxuriant garden, or feeling cosy by the fire, imagine tasting delicate cuisine, carefully selected for you from the restaurant’s menu, imagine relaxing and new settings, all this while hearing the sound of the river close by… Are you there yet? Because that is exactly where ideal gourmet is taking you…

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