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Amiens, Somme (80)

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Restaurant Amiens Le Bistro du Vivier
Restaurant Amiens Le Bistro du Vivier

Restaurant Amiens Le Bistro du Vivier

The renowned local fine dining destination, le Vivier, decided to slum it a bit… by which it meant opening a delightful bistro! In the city of Amiens, this little slice of food heaven promises a moment of discovery and culinary pleasures, where harmony and good taste reign supreme. With its blend of wood and industrial shades, the interior is both warm and contemporary. And what can we say about the wall adorned with artefacts straight out of the sea: shells, nets – immediately taking you on a journey to the seaside! Whether you come with family, colleagues or friends, or for a romantic meal, you will really enjoy our friendly atmosphere and service with a smile at Le Bistro du Vivier. In his kitchen, the Chef creates cuisine influenced by the sea. Here, fish, shellfish and crustaceans are the stars of the show. But if you are not a seafood lover, don't worry – you won't be disappointed. Traditional, simple yet effective, Chef's food is created using only the best fresh produce. And you can taste the quality. Your taste buds will be tempted by the delicate aromas wafting from the maestro's workplace. Your eyes will be won over by the dishes which change with the seasons, and your palate will be seduced from the first mouthful – and want more. With our Idéal Gourmet menu, Le Bistro du Vivier takes its guests on a journey under the sea, at excellent value for money.

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet