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Restaurant Paris Un Dimanche à Paris Brunch
Restaurant Paris Un Dimanche à Paris Brunch

Restaurant Paris Un Dimanche à Paris Brunch

In a quiet street in the Odéon district of Paris, away from the hustle and bustle of Parisian life, Un Dimanche à Paris allows its diners to press the pause button for a while. On this 800 m² site, in the shadow of the Philippe Auguste Tower, which dates from 1210, our guests can discover a variety of contemporary yet cosy spaces: lounge bar, restaurant, boutique, this concept store really does have something for all chocolate lovers… Here, black gold rules supreme! Prepared traditionally or with a modern twist, it is a treat for all taste buds. On Sundays, friends, colleagues and even lovers set a date for Un Dimanche à Paris. Starting with the very highest standards in service, it's love at first sight … and, more importantly, at first bite. Served to your table, this brunch consists of sweet and savoury choices. Mini éclairs, lime cake, chocolate madeleines, chocolate chips served on pain poilâne spread with lightly salted Bordier butter… Surprise after surprise awaits your taste buds. Our irresistible bread rolls are even more delicious spread with Alain Milliat’s sumptuous jams. Omelette, rolls of salmon, chocolate-marbled foie gras, soft-boiled eggs with truffles and Serrano ham are some of the highlights of our savoury selection. And on the drinks menu, try our featured cocktail to quench your thirst, but make sure you leave room for our signature hot chocolate – perfection. With our Gourmet Heaven menu, give your weekend a touch of gourmet hedonism in its purest state!

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