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Auch, Gers (32)

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Restaurant Auch La Table d'Oste
Restaurant Auch La Table d'Oste

Restaurant Auch La Table d'Oste

It is in the heart of the town of Auch, close to the cathedral that Camille and Patrick Bonnans are awaiting you in their restaurant, La Table d’Oste.
The first smile you will see when opening the door to this charming place is that of Camille, a kind of hostess we would like to see more of. She has an innate sense of how to welcome guests and she will lead you into the superb dining room of this restaurant that seems to have found a new youth thanks to her talents. The interior is cosy and flowery, it is a friendly place with country like inspirations, copper plates used as decoration items, antique porcelain and baskets that smell good of spices. You will most probably feel at home in this friendly restaurant.
Patrick Bonnan’s cuisine reflects the place itself: generous and colourful. He gets his inspiration from products from Gascogne, he also plays the Gers card and with regional traditional recipes as his basis, this talented Chef gives a new dimension to a cuisine that we would too easily qualify as traditional. His compositions are inspired and personal, and this Chef really seems to reinvent flavours we have seen before… the result is truly fascinating: subtle dishes that are full of flavour, desserts that will melt in your mouth, unique and enchanting flavours. And to go with these marvels of cuisine, Patrick can only advise you to try local wines, white tariquet or red chiroulet, and everything is said with the accent, please!
What an excellent address, it is both charming and surprising. Nothing is lacking, we find an accent, smiles and quality here. In fact the whole region is reflected in this establishment where ideal gourmet invites you to discover a unique menu, affordable for all!

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