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Restaurant Paris Bouillon Racine Saveurs
Restaurant Paris Bouillon Racine Saveurs

Restaurant Paris Bouillon Racine Saveurs

Light years away from its modest origins, the Bouillon Racine now welcomes you in the heart of the very chic 6th arrondissement in a décor that is nowadays categorized as "historic landmark".
We owe this décor to the Art Nouveau craze dating back to the early 20th Century, the décor is exceptional and so is the establishment itself. The first Bouillon Gandon-Duval appeared in 1903 and that was the beginning of a long tradition of restaurants all with a beautiful Art Nouveau décor and with the famous broth as their main item on the menu. "Bouillon Racine" was first called Grand Bouillon Camille Chartier and was created in 1906. The style of this superb establishment can be described through the beautiful woodwork, the ceramic tiles with embedded mirrors and decorations with floral motives to them. The place was renovated in 1996 and nowadays the restaurant's décor is hard to describe, with mirrors, painted glass, sculpted wood, marble mosaics, gilded lettering.. All this really gives the original place back to the public, a place rich thanks to its beauty and to its friendliness.
ideal gourmet's menu is truly prestigious as well... Of course there is the famous broth, but you will also discover a whole range of French classics, taking you on a direct journey to the Paris of days long gone. The meat melts in your mouth, the flavours of the broth are wonderful, the sauces delicate, everything is there to make you forget traffic, pollution, the weather, in short your everyday life...
You are about to enter a place that is incredible in the 21st Century, and you will experience a journey back to the beginning of the 20th Century. Surrounded by the charm of this unusual place, tasting the specialties with flavours of yesterday, you will no doubt be taken by the magic of an establishment that is proud of belonging to Yesterday. ideal gourmet offers you to experience an epoch you will not want to leave!

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