Nicolas Flamel Wine Tasting

Nicolas Flamel Wine Tasting
Paris 3

Ideal Gourmet Exclusive
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Tel : 01 45 72 22 40

    Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques
    Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques

    Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques
    Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques
    There are some places you just can’t miss… and the Auberge Nicolas Flamel is one of them, both for its walls and for its cuisine. It is one of the institutions of Paris. For those who like beautiful things, this place is the one you have been looking for! The Inn itself is a historic monument, it is an architectural gem from the Middle Ages and it has not lost any of its charm. The interior is rather sober with magnificent sculpted wood staircases, dark beams, brick coloured floor or apparent white stones. An establishment that is truly one of its kind with a personality to it, where you can sense a history that is both long and chaotic. The place is filled with emotions, it has got an authentic and romantic soul… From the kitchen you can expect gourmet cuisine to reach your plates. It is both refined and light, ideal gourmet could not resist the dégustation menu. Each dish is well presented with refined flavours, making it an ode to gourmet pleasures. Everyone will no doubt enjoy it. Everything smells of quality in these subtle creations, light, refined, delicate and original too… ideal gourmet can only recommend this address of quality in Paris, it will open your eyes and taste buds to new gourmet horizons. As much for the place as for the cuisine, ideal gourmet really would like you to try this place, the word gourmet cuisine takes on its true meaning here. So delight your taste buds, awaken your senses around a menu we recommend you share between two people, but you can of course enjoy it with friends or for business as well!

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