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Saint Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis (93)

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Restaurant Saint Denis Balyann
Restaurant Saint Denis Balyann

Restaurant Saint Denis Balyann

In front of the Stade de France, Balyann offers a gourmet and warm recreation. Inside, the restaurant is decorated with elegance and refinement. Furniture with pure lines, plum-colored carpet, chocolate-colored armchair, everything has been perfectly thought so that the guests would feel as in a cocoon. The bay windows provide a natural light. In the evening, the atmosphere is more confidential with subdued lighting. Far from the daily routine, for the time of a gourmet break, time has stopped. Resolutely contemporary, Balyann provides a lovely framework, much appreciated.
During the summer, guests gather on the terrace to enjoy the nice weather and the neighborhood life. Between family or friends, for a business lunch or a romantic dinner, and even better after a performance at the Stade de France, Balyann is a place not to miss.
In his kitchen, the Chef and his cooks are going to great length to make the pots and pans sing to the sound of tradition… If the quality dishes are there to please the fine palates, the Chef still works them the way he likes them. A bit of creativity, a touch of originality, and a lot of personality, that is the Balyann’s recipe. As the seasons go by, from earth to sea, the plates are served with taste and exhilarate the senses of gourmets only waiting for one thing: have their first bite. Results are immediate: palates are conquered. With the Ideal Gourmet Menu, the Balyann’s team offers a nice culinary discovery for a very good value for money.

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet