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Pessac, Gironde (33)

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Restaurant Pessac Le Cohé Prestige
Restaurant Pessac Le Cohé Prestige

Restaurant Pessac Le Cohé Prestige

It is in the colourful and singing Sud Ouest region, a temple for foie gras in particular and gourmet food in general, that you will find Le Cohé, enchanting for your taste buds, a wake up call for your senses.
Located at the heart of the little village of Pessac, minutes away from Bordeaux, Le Cohé is a rather chic and comfortable restaurant, opening up the enchanting world of gourmet restaurants to all those who will be daring enough to enter this non typical world. And the spirit of the place is clearly non typical: vivid and contrasted colours, pure lights, original décor, mix of style and atmospheres, of colours and décoration items, this is a happy space, sparkling with charm! Ideal for all types of projects, from company lunch to family meal, this restaurant is also special thanks to the very attentive service, impeccable every time… Simple and smiling, those are key words for this efficient type of service.
Franck Angelaud is the man in charge of the kitchens, he is a passionate man and he is in charge of a concert of flavours and shapes, all with harmonious contrasts. This traditional type of cuisine also goes on the side of modernity, with spices from all over the world, saffron, ginger, curry from Madras and vanilla from La Réunion. With a dazzling product, original choices and a very pretty presentation, let’s open your taste buds they will not believe it!
So there is nothing to criticize here, enchanting for all types of guests with lots of positive sides: quality cuisine, personal and happy décor, relaxing atmosphere, calm as well. Ideal gourmet invites you to be charmed by a menu that has been carefully selected, composed with the heart, for everyone’s greatest pleasure…

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