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Bron, Rhône (69)

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All inclusive with drinks
Tel : 00 33 (0)1 45 72 07 14

Restaurant Bron Le Moov
Restaurant Bron Le Moov

Restaurant Bron Le Moov

Le Moov welcomes all gourmets who wish to enter! Located in Bron, in the Rhône region, this restaurant is dynamic and colourful.
Purple and black hues mix perfectly with the brown leather armchairs. Modern and elegant, the dining room is the promise of a friendly moment with very nice service. With your family or with friends, for a business luncheon or a romantic dinner, everyone will come to Le Moov.
As for the cuisine, the plates here reflect the place itself: energetic and colourful. The Chef has one purpose: he wants guests to have a rich and unique experience here. Tradition and modernity unite for a guaranteed success. According to the season, products are chosen with great care for their freshness and quality. They are then worked upon with great respect for flavours and scents. With the ideal gourmet menu, Le Moov is ready to reveal its best secrets at a very nice price

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet