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Manosque, Alpes de Hautes-Provence (04)

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Restaurant Manosque Sens et Saveurs
Restaurant Manosque Sens et Saveurs

Restaurant Manosque Sens et Saveurs

In the city of Manosque, close to the Lubéron hills, a former monastery is now a gourmet haven. Sens et Saveurs invites all those passing by and all regulars in for a gourmet break…
Classic charm and elegance are key here. The vaulted dining room bears witness to it most of all. It is warm in the winter time, refreshing in the summer, perfect for all occasions. The service is attentive and very professional. If you want you can also enjoy your meal on the terrace when the weather allows. The address is enchanting for all occasions: with your family or with friends, for a business luncheon or a romantic dinner.
On the menu, guests will discover classic Mediterranean cuisine with nothing left to prove. According to the season, the Chef picks his products with great care, underlining them with his know how. For each bite, you will discover a bit of Provence, your taste buds will sing. Flavours and scents become one to dazzle your senses, the savoury and then the sweet notes will charm you, these are truly enchanting creations. With the ideal gourmet menu, delicate and subtle Provence cuisine is on offer at Sens et Saveurs for a very nice price.

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet