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Lyon, Rhône (69)

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Tel : 00 33 (0)1 45 72 07 14

Restaurant Lyon Brasserie Debourg
Restaurant Lyon Brasserie Debourg

Restaurant Lyon Brasserie Debourg

Welcome to Lyon where Brasserie Debourg, located close to Halle Tony Garnier and the Confluence neighbourhood is ready to welcome all those who are keen on a friendly and gourmet moment.
This is a modern brasserie, all in light wood, black and elegant curves… Modern yet cosy, this dining room is the promise of a friendly moment, served by a nice team. The good moods are also to be found on the veranda and on the terrace, for all occasions – with your family or with friends, for a business luncheon or a r omantic dinner.
The Chef is in charge and has decided that his guests should travel to the heart of traditional French flavours. With each season, he makes a point of always working with fresh products of high quality. He works on them for great results: gourmets enjoy it, tastebuds fly, senses are at a feast. A feast of flavours and scents, the moment here is truly enjoyable. With the ideal gourmet menu, generosity can be discovered at a very nice price at Brasserie Debourg.

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet