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Manko Paris

Paris 08

140.00€ tax inclusive
per person

Apéritif + Starter + Main course + Dessert + 1 bottle of wine for 2 + 1 bottle of water for 2 + Coffee

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On famous Avenue Montaigne in the 8th district of Paris, Le Manko has your taste buds go wild, along with all your other senses.
Located in the golden triangle, this gourmet Peruvian restaurant is an invitation on a journey.
The name is a tribute to the Inca legend of “Manco Capac”, son of the Sun God and founder of the Inca people... This place is magical, it used to be a Drouot auction hall.
The décor is signed by Laura Gonzalez and is all in modern tones. Very high range, it offers a subdued atmosphere with warm hues, exotic wood, mosaics, beautiful materials... Charm and enchantment work their magic. With your family or with friends, for a business luncheon or a romantic dinner, Le Manko is really the place to be.
Thanks to talented Chef Gaston Acurio, the journey into Inca territory goes on. The maestro here is clearly one of the best ambassadors for Peruvian cuisine worldwide and his key word is sharing! Peru has learnt from all cultures in the world through the centuries: from Europe to Japan through Africa and its cuisine reflects that with an ocean of flavours and scents. And that is just who Gaston Acurio sees his art: simple and authentic, paying tribute to the colours and scents of his country.

With the ideal gourmet menu, gourmets can look forward to a journey into Inca territory!

Membre Ideal Gourmet depuis 2017
The menu below is only an example, it changes according to seasons and the market

Apéritif + Starter + Main course + Dessert + 1 bottle of wine for 2 + 1 bottle of water for 2 + Coffee

Cadeau restaurant
The menu below is only an example, it changes according to seasons and the market. The Idéal Gourmet's menus always include at least drinks, starter, main course, dessert, a bottle of wine for 2, a bottle of water for 2 and coffee (except brunch where menus are specific).

A glass of champagne or Pisco Sour


For starters
Cebiche Clasico
(white fish (according to season), sweet potato, choclo and cancha corn, classic leche de tigre)


And then
Tiradito Chifa
(Blue fish (according to season), marinated vegetables, fried wonton, leche de tigre maracuja)


Followed by
Causa Bachiche
(Causa with basil, squid, black olive cream, avocado, grilled piquillos, coffee)


Peruvian salad
(Grilled Choclo, cream cheese, radish, red onion, coriander)

Followed by
Fiesta de Anticuchos
(Chicken, tari sauce
Fish according to season, rocoto aïoli
Beef filet with tari sauce
Green asparagus, potato cream, rocoto aïoli)


(Large crispy galette, seasonal fruit, sauces and home made ice cream of the moment)


(1/2 bottle per person)


(1/2 bottle per person)




15, avenue Montaigne
75008 PARIS 8 - France
Tel : 00 33 (0)1 45 72 07 14



Midi : 12h - 15h
Soir : 19h - 20h

Booking delay : 2 days

Other information

Type of restaurant :
Trendy restaurant
Gourmet restaurant

Type of cooking :
World cuisine

Air conditioning

Languages : French, English, Spanish

Access Manko Paris

Metro Metro 9 Alma — Marceau

Nearby places to visit

Avenue des Champs-Élysées (75008)
Museum - Grand Palais (75008)
Place de la Concorde (75001)


Membre Ideal Gourmet depuis 2017


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