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Restaurant Paris Les Coulisses du Chef
Restaurant Paris Les Coulisses du Chef

Restaurant Paris Les Coulisses du Chef

What if the Chef wasn’t the one you thought it was ? Welcome to Les Coulisses du Chef! At the heart of the Marais neighbourhood, this cooking class could give birth to new callings…
In a typically Parisian apartment, Chefs in the making will discover a very well equipped kitchen. To start the day, everyone gets to know each other around a cup of coffee. The Chef wants one thing: pass on his passion to apprentices who will give the bets of themselves. This is a nice idea if you want to share something with your family, with friends, with colleagues or as a couple.
Classic, molecular, healthy, Japanese, there is a style for everyone… And the Chef could put some Asian touches on your plate today! Maki, sushi, chicken and spicy vegetables, all senses are at a feast. Maybe you want to work with scallops? Or a harmonious thematic day around one spice. A lot to choose from, that is for sure. With the ideal gourmet menu, Les Coulisses du Chef becomes the scene for new Chefs

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet