Atelier Maître Albert

Atelier Maître Albert

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Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques
Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques

Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques
Ideal Gourmet : reservation de restaurants gastronomiques
Esmeralda's journey
« Notre Dame: an open book for contemporaries from the 13th century who could find lessons on the façade. A book closed by the Revolution, opened again by Napoleon and hero of one of Victor Hugo's books. Go in, admire and turn the pages of this marvellous book, of which the 3 famous roses are the most beautiful."
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We all remember the famous « rôtisserie des poètes » where the owner-baker Ragueneau presents Roxane to Cyrano in Cyrano de Bergerac! Now do we know if Guy Savoy got his inspiration there when he opened Atelier Maître Albert? Most certainly!
This elegant and modern rotisserie is located in very nice settings, across Notre Dame, and it offers a suprising décor, mixing history, tradition and modernity.
The wine cellar to start with, gives the tone: a unique space devoted to wine and to tastings; it can be privatized for small groups. Intimacy, warmth, friendliness.
And then the huge fireplace, dating back to the 13th century gives the large dining room a sense of « at-homeness », underlined by the roasting spit and the beams from the Middle Ages!
At the back of the room, the roasting spit dominates the space, and you will see duck breast, ham, guinea fowls and chickens, even the famous entrecôte, roasted before your eyes…
Laurent and his team really know how to welcome guests in this different and timeless place, they will make your lunch a party, and your dinner a night to remember…
It is really a bit of a show, and your taste buds will most certainly be all awakened by it. Ideal gourmet and the Chef have composed for you a special apprentice rotisseur menu, and you will no doubt be surprised. The Savoy magic is here, and we want more of it, so much so that booking your table for the first or second service becomes an absolute priority!

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"An e mail just to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was by your service’s quick reaction. When I got your e mail telling me the invitation was being sent to my guests, they already had it! I had bought the gift on Wednesday afternoon, and was quite surprised it had already arrived on the Thursday morning!"

Marinella C

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