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Arras, Pas de Calais (62)

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Restaurant Arras La Faisanderie (62)
Restaurant Arras La Faisanderie (62)

Restaurant Arras La Faisanderie (62)

Arras, capital of the Artois region, is famous throughout the world for its Grand Place, its Baroque Flemish facades and finally for its rising gourmet stars, La Faisanderie being one of them… The building hosting the restaurant is a historic monument with a privileged view over houses dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries and is located under some arcades making it a really pretty Flemish style establishment of vaults, bricks and stone.
Laurent Duburquoy is originally from Boulogne sur Mer and has a long experience in the fishing trade. His talent and will to work show here in all their dimensions. He is never tired of his kitchen, hyper active and a lover of beautiful things. The man respects traditions and promotes good products. His motto is to be true, authentic, proposing the best products, the ones he would like to find were he a client. This new master of the place gets great help from Sandrine, his wife, who is very attentive to all guests in the dining room as well as upon arrival. The atmosphere here is of true joie de vivre and happiness, the kind you find in historic places that are well kept. For a truly unforgettable journey, the Chef wanted to offer ideal gourmet guests his menu “Gourmandises de la Faisanderie” with the best wines according to the dishes, the season and the market. Even de Guiche, leaving beautiful Roxane to go take Arras would have found consolation had the Faisanderie existed at the time. But Cyrano will only bring back a wound from Arras… Nowadays the Duburquoys’ offer us a gourmet stop in historic and gourmet surroundings, and you will no doubt feel good here!

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