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Languimberg, Moselle (57)

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Tel : 00 33 (0)1 45 72 07 14

Restaurant Languimberg Restaurant Chez Michèle
Restaurant Languimberg Restaurant Chez Michèle

Restaurant Languimberg Restaurant Chez Michèle

In the little town of Languimberg, in the Moselle region, Chez Michèle is the new place to be when it comes to gourmet cuisine. This establishment is located in a very pretty Lorraine village, surrounded by forests and beautiful lakes, the settings are calm, close to Ste Croix animal park. And it is in this protected area that Bruno Poiré welcomes you...
The large and beautiful covered terrace is as pleasant in the summertime as it is during the winter, it is also very well organised and offers a view overlooking the flowery garden, bringing you closer to nature. The décor is pretty with a domination of luminous colours, nice seats in beige and purple, subdued and relaxed atmosphere. A surprising impression of a Parisian palace breathes from this timeless place.
The welcome is pleasant, the service efficient and discreet. The team will be able to advise you on what activities are going on nearby. Bruno Poiré is a Gault Millau Young Talent, he is creative, inventive, while respecting his family traditions and his region. His compositions are famous, the success is guaranteed. He has composed an ideal gourmet menu corresponding to his specialties, presenting them with the most adapted wines, according to the guests' choices and to the season. This is an unforgettable gourmet moment, an ideal gourmet favourite.

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet