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Saint Savin, Hautes-Pyrénées (65)

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Restaurant Saint Savin Hôtel Le Viscos
Restaurant Saint Savin Hôtel Le Viscos

Restaurant Saint Savin Hôtel Le Viscos

Tarbes is not very far and you will have to drive across Lourdes to reach the little but oh so pleasant village in the mountains: Saint Savin. Located in the region of Hautes Pyrénées, Saint Savin has a lot to offer, the famous Abbey, lovely local and traditional houses, beautiful views… Numerous people on pilgrimage stop here, and the writer Paulo Coelho refers to it with one scene located close to the fountain in Saint Savin. And it simply across from that fountain that you will find a delicious Inn, famous among those who love the mountains around here, Le Viscos. This is a family business, but also one of heart and of tradition. Françoise and Jean Pierre Saintmartin are the local gourmet reference, and if the foie gras holds no secrets for the Chef, then the art of welcoming guests is certainly well mastered by Françoise. The atmosphere is comfortable and cosy, you will be able to have a relaxing moment here, the view of snowy mountain tops gives a certain serenity and sweetness, while your senses will no doubt be awakened by the cuisine…
The cuisine is in fact rather intense, with a figure emblematic of national gourmet cuisine, a member of the Prosper Montagné club, Jean Pierre Saint Martin at the command. He is a smiling man, really attached to his motto: the client is king and he will go to any ends to satisfy him. The Chef normally comes out in the dining room to take clients’ orders himself, to make sure he understands their wishes and answers them in the best possible way. He offers a cuisine with accents from the South West, inspired both by his farmer roots and by journeys to far away countries. His cuisine gives priority to foie gras and Landes preserve, along with sea products coming from the Basque region, really close by. The ideal gourmet menu was composed by the Chef, and it is true pastoral symphony, orchestrated with passion, so that each guest has a unique memory in this must stop of the Hautes Pyrénées. An ideal gourmet favourite!

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