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Restaurant Paris La Grande Cascade Prestige
Restaurant Paris La Grande Cascade Prestige

Restaurant Paris La Grande Cascade Prestige

If the gourmet arts were a book, the Grande Cascade would be a collection of them…
Everyone is amazed to find so much generosity so close to the Etoile, in a Napoleon 3d style, festive and joyful.
This gem of the Bois de Boulogne is the result of everyday attention, determinedly combining the gild of the Empire period, the unconcern of the Belle Epoque, a unique “retro-metro” character.
It is most certainly exactly in this spirit that the Emperor used this place when he frequently stopped by in the woods.
An exceptional décor, with a magnificent rotunda and a glass wall, looking out unto green surroundings and big chimneys, dating back to the origins of the restaurant. The terraces are truly beautiful, and there is nothing lacking in this place, your meal becomes a celebration and will not be forgotten!
An unbelievable establishment, turned into a restaurant for the World Fair of 1900.
In the luxury kitchens of this big ship, a well known Chef, with a strong character, adds a final touch to your stay. He turns the Grande Cascade into a truly gourmet stop in these woods where king Dagobert used to hunt wolves, deer and wild boars. Frédéric Robert used to work at Lucas Carton, he was taught by Alain Senderens and he composes an exquisite kind of cuisine, full of flavours, subtly adapted to the place and to the seasons. The Grande Cascade is most certainly an unmissable stop in the gourmet landscape of our capital!

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