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Saint RaphaŽl, Var (83)

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Restaurant Saint RaphaŽl Quai RaphaŽl, Best Western
Restaurant Saint RaphaŽl Quai RaphaŽl, Best Western

Restaurant Saint RaphaŽl Quai RaphaŽl, Best Western

The sun is always sweet on the CŰte díAzur, and the moments you can enjoy strolling in the marina in St RaphaŽl are oh so precious. With these two affirmations as a basis, one restaurant took advantage of its perfect location at the heart of the Santa Lucia harbor to become the place to be in the marina: welcome to Quai RaphaŽl!
The restaurant was modernized recently and it is now a model of originality and elegance. The dining room is airy and luminous, playing on designer tones. All details have been analyzed and studied in order to turn the place into a model of good taste. Furniture with geometric shapes and sober lines, surprising and trendy dťcor items, colours that are in harmonious contrasts. Modern and friendly, this place will charm all guests who will also enjoy the personalized welcome.
The cuisine is original, paying tribute to organic agriculture and its products. The dishes are inspired by the regionís traditions, and they will follow each other in a farandole of sparkling and fresh flavours, with just this little original touch that will make a true difference. A delicious gourmet moment, full of freshness and surprisesÖ
In this nice modern dining room, or on the terrace overlooking the sea, Quai RaphaŽl knows which arguments to use in order to charm you completely. Very pleasant settings, attentive and reactive servicer, an original kind of Southern cuisine with an ideal gourmet menu allowing you to discover the best specialties. A nice moment you will want to share for any occasion, as a couple or as a group!

Ideal gourmetIdeal gourmetIdeal gourmet