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La Marée Découverte

Paris 08

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This is a mythical address in Paris, not far from the Champs Elysées.
La Marée brings you a smell of sea salt, and it takes you on a journey. Come rediscover this charming establishment, with a personality all its own. The décor is classic and timeless, with traditional and comfortable furniture. The nice coloured glass gives incredible cachet to the place, and the dark wood creates a warm and family like atmosphere. With subdued lighting, you will no doubt feel at home here, in this intimate and cosy atmosphere. The cuisine, as you can well imagine, leaves a large place to products from the sea, they are the true stars when it comes to the gourmet suggestions. Fish has a place of honour, but the Chef also knows how to prepare very nice poultry or red meat that is truly delicious and well prepared. The Chef really makes a very rigorous selection when at the market, and what you get is always the best. The result is full of flavours, full of scents, it smells of our regions. At La Marée, not only does tradition not get forgotten, it gets reinvented every day. This is a true moment of sharing you are in for, with true gourmet values, as a couple on the ground floor, or for a private gathering in the beautiful dining room that can be privatized. La Marée is a historic place, and it is really worth a stop. Ideal gourmet can only recommend this timeless place through a menu that is full of flavours, regularly renewed, it changes according to the seasons and the Chef's wishes.

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Gault Millau

La Marée Découverte - 1 Toques Gault Millau

Ideal Gourmet

La Marée Découverte -  Ideal Gourmet
Membre Ideal Gourmet depuis 2009


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