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Richard et Christopher Coutanceau

La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime (17)

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Now here is the true gourmet gem of the Poitou Charentes region!
Deliciously located close to the ocean the restaurant Richard et Christopher Coutanceau offers the most delightful view of the charming city of La Rochelle. Seated in the magnificent modern rotunda by the beach, the happy guests will keep looking at La Rochelle and its harbour, and of course, the ocean. Of course the charm of the place is also that the view changes with the tide, and it is unforgettable at all times. As for the cuisine, this is an establishment with high standards, with a duo in charge, four hands, Richard and Christopher Coutanceau, the father and the son. Their cuisine is a subtle balance between great classics, unmissables, creations where the best products of the season always have their place. The key word of this restaurant is really to please the guests, and our Chefs are always on the look out for new flavours to surprise and charm you. So to sum up, this is cuisine that follows traditions, while mixing in adventurous flavours.
So your eyes will go from your plate to the panoramic view of the ocean, they will stop on the cosy decor too, modern, designer decor... And it reflects the spirit of the place: rigorous basics with a touch of innovation. This is the place to go for your business meal, or for banquets in a private dining room. The restaurant boasts a nice private dining room for your family meals or your dinners among friends. The ideal gourmet menu was very carefully composed by the Chef, or Chefs, and it is an ode to the innovative and creative cuisine of the establishment, according to the season and the market.

So please come try this gem and enjoy!


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