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Chez Clément Maillot

Paris 17

40.00€ tax inclusive
per person

All inclusive with drinks

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Chez Clément offers a warm welcome to all gourmands!
Just opposite the Palais des Congrès, this is an eye-catching restaurant, with its beautiful green and white exterior. Once through its doors, you will be captivated by the peace and serenity of the place. You will find lots of rooms, one after the other, and the only problem will be which one to choose! But don't worry: whether you decide to take a seat on the ground floor or one of the upper stories, the atmosphere is the same throughout – warm and convivial... A bit like being at home. The floral curtains are the perfect complement to the panelled walls, together creating a romantic yet distinguished atmosphere. Beautiful mirrors and soft lighting harmonise the overall effect. With colleagues for a business meeting, with a few friends for an evening out or for a romantic dinner, Chez Clément promises a unique experience. The Chef and his team put all their passion into creating food that perfectly mirrors the restaurant. The dishes exude authenticity, to the great delight of the most sophisticated palates. As the months go by, fresh, seasonal produce is worked and transformed with highly effective skill. Guests will discover cuisine which brings to mind the very best of family cooking, with tastes, flavours and presentation all on the menu. Everything is perfectly united and you won't have to wait long to be satisfied.

With our Idéal Gourmet menu, the whole team at Chez Clément takes you on a gastronomic journey in an enchanting setting, at extremely good value for money.

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