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La Romantica

Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine (92)

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This restaurant, specialized in Italian Grande Cuisine, has chosen to open far away from the light of the Capital...
It is however one of the only well known Italian restaurants in Paris.
This being said, it is not like this by chance... La Romantica is located in Clichy, close to the XVIIth arrondissement; it has a big terrace-garden that would have been impossible to find in the center of the city...
All Italy is here, the décor, the details, smiles and good moods, elaborate cuisine with a guaranteed origin composed by Claudio Puglia, nothing is left to chance.
The cuisine is all colours and flavours, a joyful journey through a whole country found in one single place just for you, just for the moment, a truly special one at La Romantica.
ideal gourmet was not mistaken, you will be surprised and will bring home an unforgettable memory from this place, far from the lights and pictures of central Paris, but where tradition is to be found with a Chef who knows what he wants : dazzle you with true Italian Cuisine, not well known enough but oh so subtle !

The ideal gourmet menu composed by the Chef gives you a great choice in the menu’s specialties, let yourself be guided...


La Romantica - Fourchettes Michelin

Bottin Gourmand

Gault Millau

La Romantica - 1 Toques Gault Millau


La Romantica - Couverts Pudlowski


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