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   Great French Cooking

Le Chiberta
75008 PARIS 8

Chiberta* can be proud of its very special location, at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe… Now if the location is an excellent start, the second piece of good news is the amazing cuisine aspect of the o...

185.00€ incl tax

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La Maison Blanche
75008 PARIS 8

There is no need to cross the Atlantic if you want to discover the world of prestige and dreams that the White House–la Maison Blanche-has to offer… Imagined in 1907, the restaurant was created on th...

175.00€ incl tax

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M64, InterContinental Paris Marceau
75008 PARIS 8

In deliciously modern settings, the M64 Intercontinental Paris Marceau is ready to welcome all gourmets and lovers of beautiful things. Located in Paris' 8th district, inside a luxury hotel, this rest...

85.00€ incl tax

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Le 39V
75008 PARIS 8

Some places are timeless and magical, far away from everyday stress: Le 39V is clearly one of them. Located on the top floor of an Haussmann building, on avenue George V, this restaurant offers a uniq...

160.00€ incl tax

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Monsieur Restaurant, Hotel Lancaster
75008 PARIS 8

In the center of the 8th district, in the « Triangle d’Or », Hotel Lancaster opens its doors for a unique moment of wonder, magic and grace… Time stops in order to offer the best of French hospitality...

220.00€ incl tax

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The all inclusive menu Idéal Gourmet include at least :

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  • - Entree
  • - Dish
  • - Dessert
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  • - Coffee

* Some restaurants serve the equivalent of a bottle of wine by the glass for two.